Rotary District 6440 Notes

Story: If you put the man back together, the world will take care of itself.

Personal Growth:

We are better together than we are alone.

Think about the one moment that made you want to serve.

The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you are willing to ask.

What is your mission statement?

When you serve, you can meet the basic human needs which are:

  • Love
  • Connection
  • Certainty
  • Significance
  • Growth
  • Contribution

Quote: “It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting.” – Millard Fuller

Belief Drives Behavior – The stories you tell yourself and the things you believe about yourself can be the major thing holding you back. You can change that belief by giving of yourself, serving others, and by practicing self-leadership.

Self Leadership – The intentional influencing of your thoughts, feelings and actions to obtain a desired result.


Learning – Keep learning because our strongest human emotion is to remain consistent with who we believe ourselves to be.

Engagement – If you want to give hope, you must be filled with hope. If you want to give love, you must be filled with love. If you want to inspire others, you must be filled with inspiration.

Accountability – We become what we consistently do. Ask yourself what is essential in life. Plant seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Desire – Bill Gates said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Reminder: You are never too old and you are never too young.

Let that desire to serve burn inside of you forever in order to inspire those around us.

4 Replies to "Rotary District 6440 Notes"

  • Nancy Keppel
    May 5, 2019 (8:45 am)

    An amazing presentation! How lucky the students at Elk Grove HS and the surrounding community are to have you in their lives. You truly are an inspiration!

    • Joseph
      May 15, 2019 (11:15 am)

      Thank you so much Nancy. It was such an honor to speak at the Rotary.

  • Anita Forte-Scott
    May 21, 2019 (3:25 pm)

    I had the pleasure of reaching out to Joseph Bush to be our Keynote Speaker on May 4, 2019 for the Annual Rotary District 6440 Conference. We had over 250 Rotarians and guests in attendance. Joe was very attentive and easy to work with during the weeks leading up to the conference. He was prompt, well prepared and tailored his inspirational presentation to our audience. He inspired us with topics including Serving to inspire, Mission statements and human needs, Self belief, Self leadership and how to Learn, Engage, Be Accountable and have a Desire to inspire others through our service. Rotary’s motto is “Service Above Self”, so his message was very appropriate. I received many compliments on finding and booking Joe for our conference. I hope he will have the opportunity to share his inspiring presentation with others in Rotary. Thank you, Joe, very much!

    • Joseph
      June 17, 2019 (10:05 am)

      Thank you so much Anita. It was wonderful to work with you and Rotary and I look forward to future connections.