Inspire to Influence

Here are the notes from the keynote presentation by Joseph Bush:

Comparison Is The Enemy of Joy

  • What your mind focuses on will expand.
  • Thor didn’t have to change back to save the day.
  • Everything you need to succeed is already programmed inside of you.

We All Have Dreams

  • Your dreams should inspire others.
  • A dream is a cherished desire.
  • At the end of life most people say, “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
  • Dreams are about who you want to be not what you want to be.
  • You don’t need more stuff to be happy.

What Is Killing Your Dream

  • The voice that says, “Nothing is going to change.”
  • The voice that says, “Success is out there, but something is wrong with you.”
  • The voice that says, “Being distracted is better than living your true life.”


  • We all have stories that influence our lives.
  • Belief drives behavior.

Changing Narratives

  • Understand that you have narratives.
  • Discover where you learned your narratives.
  • Experience wonder — stars and sand….. mind-blowing.
  • Listen.
  • Ask better questions.
  • Travel.
  • Your history is not your destiny.
  • Step away from the familiar.
  • What is this for vs. why did this happen?
  • I’m on my way to becoming a great ____________________.
  • Be humble.
  • Sometimes the plans that don’t work out winds up shaping us the most.
  • What are you filled with? When you get knocked down, what is inside will spill.


  • Minimalism – 333 challenge
  • You don’t need more stuff to make you happy.
  • Reverse pilot – remove one part of your life and see if it has any negative consequences.
  • W.I.N. – What’s important now?
  • Be grateful.


  • If you are not defined by a vision of your future, you’re left with visions of the past.
  • If we underinvest in ourselves, we damage the very tool necessary to make the highest contribution.
  • We all want to live enhanced lives.
  • Move from comparison to contribution.
  • Rise up, spark joy and shine where you are.
  • You are all miracles that have limitless potential.
  • Change your narrative, build a team and dream big.
  • You are enough.

Below are the answers to questions that were asked during the presentation.

2 Replies to "Inspire to Influence"

  • Lindsey Roscoe
    June 20, 2019 (9:29 pm)

    Thanks to Joe at the IL HPP inspire to influence conference . He taught me that I have to stop comparing myself to others. He also taught me that it is now the knowledge it is the narrative. Thank you again, Joe, it was so much fun having you there as a keynote closing speaker.

    • Joseph
      June 20, 2019 (9:49 pm)

      Thank you Lindsey, I am so happy you were able to gain some insight from the conference.