Healthy, Wealthy, Wise # 4

No fancy introduction needed. Here are the details from the fourth healthy, wealthy and wise meeting.


  1. Sleep is Key
    1. Americans are deprived of sleep and part of the reason is our addiction to technology and we fail to shut down the computers, phones and televisions. But optimal health comes from 7-9 hours of sleep.
    2. Take a nap. One approach for better naps is to elevate your legs and sleep for 12-16 minutes.  You will fall asleep quickly and you will be completely refreshed. Leg Up Naps
  2. What are you filling your mind with in your spare time?
    1. Being healthy is more than just the physical benefits, but the mental benefits as well. If you are filling your mind with garbage and bad thoughts, your will produce garbage and more bad thoughts. If you read conspiracy theories all the time you will become a conspiracy theorist.If you surround yourself with self development literature, you will develop. 
  3. Genetic Testing
    1. One of our members recently used the website to do genetic testing. He was very excited with the results because it showed his country of origin which leads to an understanding of proper diet, nutrition and potential future diseases.



  1. Investment Properties
    1. If you have the patience, and ability to rehab homes, investment properties are a great way to create another income stream.
  2. Renegotiate Your Bills
    1. Remember that banks and services want your business. If you are willing to ask for help or renegotiate certain bills, some companies will oblige.
  3. Money is a Story
    1. The idea behind this statement is that once you have food, clothing and shelter, everything else is just a story. If you want to spend your money on exotic cars, that becomes your story.  If you want to spend it on vacations, that becomes our story. 


  1. Acknowledge a Compliment
    1. If a person comes home and tells their spouse that they look great and the spouse doesn’t acknowledge the compliment, eventually the compliments stop coming. By acknowledging the compliment and saying thank you, both parties are encouraged and the compliments will be more abundant.
  2. Declutter Your Life
    1. This is a book that was read by one of the members and it is highly recommended. If you want to get more done, getting rid of clutter is a great way to start.  You cannot think and act clearly when you are surrounded by unnecessary stuff.  If things don’t have an emotional connection to you and you wouldn’t buy that exact item again today, get rid of it.
  3. Accept Your Feelings
    1. Throughout life, you are going to experience different feelings. Some are positive and some are negative, but you must accept the way you feel and use it for a greater good.
  4. The Biggest Fear in Life is Regret
    1. If this is your biggest fear, then it is time to map out your life vision and execute it. Just do it.  If you need help, seek out a mentor or a friend or reach out to Leading Through Service.


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