Healthy, Wealthy, Wise # 3

On March 29th, 2018 Leading Through Service hosted the third Healthy Wealthy and Wise Conference. The goal of the conference was simple; bring like-minded people together to offer tips on how to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.  Below are the notes from the meeting with links to further detail.  The format below will be in bullet points to help you navigate more easily.


a. The Anabolic Window – Within thirty minutes after your workout, make sure you properly fuel your body with protein, fat and carbs.  Your body is especially open to those nutrients during the thirty minute window.

b. Before working out, make sure you have a plan. – One of the members commented that when he goes into the gym, he has to make sure he has a plan before starting his lift.  Without a plan, the workout may not be as beneficial.  This also was paired with another member who mentioned having an accountability partner for working out.  Sharing workouts and motivating others is always a positive.

c. Take cold showers – The benefits of cold showers has recently become very trendy.  Check out this LINK to get more detail on the benefits.  Some of the ideas that we discussed included increased alertness, making yourself uncomfortable to new challenges and helping your skin become healthier.

d. Thieves oil-  This is an essential oil with benefits of increasing immune functioning and several other benefits found HERE.


a. With the stock market still teetering around all time highs, the discussion moved to pulling money out of the stock market and storing up cash.  While most financial experts say that you cannot time the market, cash seems like a comfortable move right now.  If you can afford to lose the money in the market and don’t need it for 3-5 years leave it in the market. But if you have a need for money to buy a house or another major purchase, cash might be a great option.

b. Greg Cardone offers a wonderful blog about the 8 Money Mistakes That Block Wealth. Check out that blog HERE. There is a lot of good information that will help you think differently about what you are doing with your money.

c. $5.00 challenge- Every time you receive a $5 bill, take it and put it in a special savings spot.  This is especially helpful if you purchase a lot of items in cash. The goal is to keep all of your $5 bills for six months and then you can use it for whatever you like.

d. H.S.A. Accounts – Health Savings Accounts allow you to put money away at a pretax rate.  Meaning if you put $100 a month in your HSA it will only cost roughly $70.00 out of your paycheck. As long as you use the money for health related expenses you get a huge tax break. As your employer if they have and HSA setup and start using it.


a. Just Do It – The Nike slogan is a wonderful reminder to stop waiting for life to happen and start attacking the life you want.

b. Keep a smaller circle – sometimes you have to let people go who have been in your inner circle. While “friend breakups” are sometimes difficult it comes down to whether or not the people in your circle are helping you become a better version of yourself. Sometimes it is more about moving towards something else than moving away from someone.  If your life vision doesn’t match with what your inner circle thinks, it is time to move away.

c. Stop seeing your alarm clock as an alarm clock. Start seeing it as an opportunity clock. Everyday we have is a gift, don’t be alarmed into starting your day, see it as an opportunity.

Book Suggestions

  1. The 10x Rule 
  2. The Power of Habit
  3. How to Talk to Anyone

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. If you have other questions or comments feel free to reach out.

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