Weekly Roundup To Help You Grow

I decided to do something different with my blog post this week.  Rather than share only one area of personal growth, I decided to highlight some of the amazing material that is out there in the four areas of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  I believe that in order to succeed, people need balance and often times we focus on one area too much while neglecting other areas.  We also focus too much on complex goals when we need to start with simple habits to change our lives. If you want more on that idea, check out my blog: Habits

So here is my weekly roundup.

Physical – Steve Maxwell is one of the leading experts on movement.  He focuses on simple habits that yield major results. In this 2 minute video he will show you a simple cross/crawl exercise that helps the body move while also developing the brain.


Mental – Tony Robbins is a personal growth expert who has changed the lives of millions.  In this video 30 minute video, Tony shares his top ten success secrets that can lead you to a happier, healthier and more driven life.


Emotional – If you want to be a better connector, there is nobody better than John Maxwell to describe how to do it. In this video, John spends just over 1 minute explaining how to connect better with everyone.


Spiritual – In under two minutes, author Matthew Kelly challenges us to think about how Jesus took the most complex issues and made them simple.  Click the link below to listen.

Jesus – The Greatest Teacher


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