Values Based Leadership

Leaders need to have a good sense of their most important values. If you are unclear about your most important values you may be left wondering what direction you are headed towards or even why you want to get there. Last month, I took a values assessment put together Dr. John Demartini on his website:

The goal of the values assessment is to help people identify which values are the most important. By evaluating what you spend the most time thinking about, what your surround yourself with, and eleven other indicators, you quickly realize your most significant priorities.

Dr. Demartini uses this evaluation to help people understand why they may feel stressed in life. His answer is that when people don’t know their values they often act inconsistently. For example, most people say that their most important value is family. However, based on where you spend your time, what you think about most, what you converse most about, your highest actual value might work instead of family. If you misread what your most important values are, you act inconsistently.  If you highest value is work, you shouldn’t feel bad about spending more time in the office because you are acting on your greatest need that fulfills you.

Once you understand your highest values, it makes your decision making much more congruent and you begin to understand why you act certain ways in certain situations.  If you want to change your values, and put family above work, then you need to change the actions that fulfill the answers to the thirteen indicators.

Our society claims to value family, spirituality, friends, before it values career. However, when you take the values assessment, for most people it becomes abundantly clear that we, in fact, value our careers over family. When I did the assessment, I found this to be true. Because of that knowledge, I was able to understand why I decide to think about work when I wake up in the morning before I think about family. However, I also realized that if I want to increase the value I place on family, I have to be more intentional about the ways in which I spend time with my family and interact with them. Enjoy the survey and if you have questions, please reach out.


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