Find a Mentor – Ask These Questions

The importance of finding a mentor is instrumental to your personal growth. Without mentors we are limited to the knowledge that we have within ourselves. I have found in my life that the most important mentors are the ones that you can sit down with and ask specific questions. Using the questions below from John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I have learned important lessons about life, health, and leadership. Use these questions below to be intentional about your desire to grow.

  1. What are their strengths? – This is where I’ll learn most


  1. What are they learning now? – This is how I can catch their passion


  1. What do I need right now? – This helps me to apply what I learn to my situation


  1. Who have they met, what have they read, or what have they done that has helped them? – This helps me find additional growth opportunities


  1. What haven’t I asked that I should? – This enables them to point out changes I need to make from their perspective.



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